JEC Project:
Energy Efficiency Projects for Residential Estates in Hong Kong

DeveloperResidential estates: King Shan Court, Constellation Cove, and Shatin Plaza
JEC ScopeBuilding Assessment, Application for Funding under the Building Energy Efficiency Scheme, Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions
LocationHong Kong
Project Completion Date2010

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) acts as a Qualified Service Provider and provides expert technical advice on compliance with the Hong Kong Building Energy Codes for residential estates in Hong Kong. In 2010 these services were provided to King Shan Court, Constellation Cove and Shatin Plaza.

Building Assessment
In these projects, JEC thoroughly studied different areas and systems in the estates for energy saving opportunities and prepared full energy saving analysis reports. After the energy saving analysis, JEC prepared implementation plans with suggestions on how the efficiency of the lighting system can be improved. In these cases the lighting systems were upgraded on the basis of the feasibility study, payback analysis, and budgetary requirements.

Energy Saving Lighting Solution
The energy efficiency projects are providing the residential estates with a more environmental friendly, energy efficient and sustainable lighting system. In addition to estimated energy savings, the implementation plan includes technical advice, payback period estimation and the time frame for implementation.

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