JEC Project:
Energy Efficient Pumps and Building Products for the Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong

DeveloperHospital Authority, HKSAR Government
JEC ScopeSupply and Installation of Pumps and Timber Doors for the Prince of Wales Hospital
LocationHong Kong
Project Completion Date2010

Jardine Engineering Corporation (JEC) supplied air-conditioning pumps and doors for the renovation of the Prince of Wales hospital in Shatin, Hong Kong. A water cooled air-conditioning system was employed to enhance energy efficiency. 90 kW pumps circulate condensed water from the chillers to the cooling towers.

Special Pump Features
JEC carefully chose pumps to meet the system’s capacity. High efficiency split casing pumps were selected with high efficiency type (EFF1) motors to achieve large energy savings. The pumps have the advantage of double volute design and double suction impellers which reduces radial and axial thrusts so that the lifetime of mechanical seals and bearings can be extended and minimum vibration and quiet operation can be achieved. Special bearing housing and seal chamber design allows inspection of seals, sleeves and bearings without removing the top casing half. Ease of maintenance is critical as it reduces system down time during regular maintenance.

Timber Door Features
JEC was also responsible for supplying and installing 3,000 timber doors for the Prince of Wales Hospital. The installation progress followed the master programme and the whole project was completed on time.

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