28 Sep 2017

JEC Secured Improvement, Operation and Maintenance Contract for Ngau Tam Mei Animal Waste Composting Plant

Preceded by the upgrading works in 2015, JEC secured a new contract for the improvement, operation and maintenance works at Ngau Tam Mei Animal Waste Composting Plant. The major improvement works include the construction of superstructure for new enclosed organic waste unloading bay, the provision of a wastewater treatment plant using membrane biological reactor, an underground pig waste container complete, deodorisation systems with active carbon filters, as well as new Programmable Logic Controller and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems.

JEC also takes charge of the collection services of livestock and yard for waste composting treatment. In all, our improvement works will help to optimise the composting process such that the treatment capacity can be maximised at 40 tonnes per day. 

The contract commenced in July 2017 and is due to complete in 2024.
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